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Student Feedback is very important to me. I encourage my students to develop the course material with me during the course, to suit their own learning styles, backgrounds and unconscious patterns. As such, each course - whether NLP or Hypnotherapy - is bespoke, unique and exquisitely tailored to meet your deepest appreciation. Here's what some students have said after taking an NLP Magick NLP or Hypnotherapy Course here in Cumbria. Please feel free to ask me any questions on 017687 72713 at any time.


Hypnotherapy Training Courses.

Sweedy Van Soul, Fashion Designer, Shanghai & Paris.

Hypnotherapy Foundation (2008)

"wonderful course ... amazing to see how deep a human-being's unconscious can be ... you are truly an excellent teacher. Come to Shanghai!"

Andy Topham, Rugby Trainer, Preston

Hypnotherapy Foundation (2007)

"the course - particularly the NLP included - has opened my eyes to a different world, almost a sub-world of everyday language, phrases, metaphors and communication. I can't believe how much was covered in such a short time ... I very much appreciated your flexibility to work around topics that caught my imagination but still steer me through the curriculum and allow me to develop and learn at my own pace."

Paula Corrigan, Head of Sales Training, Cumbria Media Group.

NLP Practitioner (2008)

"I liked that everything was tailored to my needs (sales) and felt that each part of the course had been constructed specifically for my requirements. I was surprised how quickly techniques were learnt, including time/space work, belief-change, phobia management and values elicitation. All of which I can use in everyday situations.

A wonderful personal touch - the Lemon Meringue was A+.

Thank you for a life-changing two weeks!"

Previous Course Feedback (2003-2007)

"Absolutely excellent and Great Fun!"

(Julia Roberts, Hypnotherapist & Trainer, 2005)

"Very well chunked."

(Sandra Navaratnarajch, Dentist, 2005)

"Fantastic Course!"

(Julia Sixsmith, Counsellor, 2005)

"You were right about having another pair of eyes - I haven't stopped talking about your course all week!"

Sandra Barnes (Therapist, 2006)

"I can't believe how many inductions I've learnt!"

Chris Hale (Healer, 2007)

"I was able to do a large group induction and relaxation a few days after the first weekend course - thank you so much!"

Sheila Foxton (Life Coach, 2007)

"Incredible content, enthusiasm, and experience and materials unlikely to be available to most trainers! Wow!"

Robert Elliot (Trainer, 2007)



NLP Training Courses.

Dr. Jimmy Niblock, Corporate Coach & Professor (McGill MBA), Tokyo, Japan.

NLP Practitioner (2008)

"I was attracted to NLP Magick because it felt authentic/pure.  Authenticity is a rare commodity and, to me, it will be one of the defining features in an age of internet amateurs. Since the course (excellent) .. I am currently designing a Global Management training course using NLP techniques ...  I have also delivered training in Osaka where I did the Betty Erickson plus Zink`s Spinning Icons as a guided imagery exercise... "

Dr Cynthia McVey, Head of Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian University.

NLP Certificate (2008)

"excellent course - we intend to do more and will certainly choose you for our NLP Practitioner course"

Dr. Cynthia McVey is Head of the Division of Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University and a Chartered Psychologist (Health). She is a committee member on BPS Scotland (Scottish Branch of the British Psychological Society) and Editor of their Newsletter – the Bulletin. Cynthia is also a Member of the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis (Scotland).

Previous Course Feedback (2003-2007)

Well delivered course - good pace and time taken to provide explaination and practical examples. Exercise tasks really helpful - good assistance given with these; re-framing, anchors, submodalities."

(Dr. Evelyn Carnegie, Sports Psychologist, 2003)

"Great Course. Enjoyed the practical demos, video clips, group work and informality. You can come and work for me anytime!"

(Keith Tanner, Business Trainer, 2003)

"Most useful was the opening-up of my own understanding to the way people process their thoughts."

(Heather Lucas, Natural Health Therapist, 2004)

You have given us all the opportunity to embrace NLP within our lives. NLP and Hypnotherapy do fit hand in glove."

(Lyn Lowther, Trust Co-Ordinator, 2005)

"The course was excellent!"

(Diane Campbell, Therapist, 2003)

"Lots to take away on a personal level."

(Elaine Edwards, Complimentary Therapist, 2004)

"Put a lot of structure to things I've already seen & heard - also useful things to use with horse-owners; Swish pattern, re-framing, etc. All explained well and in more detail when required."

(Luisa Jones, Horse-Whisperer, 2004)

"Completely Mind-Altering."

(Terry Jobson, Hypnotherapist, 2005)

"This was my first insight into NLP ... I am quite stunned. I hope to use these new skills in the future."

(Bill Bryan, Therapist, 2005)


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